Turn on the lights and TV, boot up the computer, and head to the kitchen to start dinner. Most of us walk through a familiar routine after arriving home from a full-day of work.

We hardly take a step that does not involve the reliable flow of electricity. Every light switch or appliance we turn on sends the electric meter outside spinning a little faster and the monthly bill a little higher.

Meanwhile, it's hard to escape the media coverage surrounding climate change as evening news reporters drone on about global warming.

We watch with concern and ask, "Is there anything one person can do to make a difference?" The answer is an emphatic, "Yes!" It starts with learning all we can about energy conservation and efficiency. While they are not the same thing, they are close relatives.

Conservation occurs when we reduce total consumption of electricity, often achieved by simply turning off anything that consumes electricity when not needed.

Energy efficiency occurs when we replace or upgrade the essentials in our lives (e.g., appliances, lighting, insulation), allowing us to realize the same benefit with less electricity. For more information visit http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=tax_credits.tx_index

Home Energy Savings

Touchstone Energy has published two printable resources to help our members in their request to save energy and money.

The Home Energy Savings Guide is a starting point to get you on the way toward better energy management for your home. In it you will find valuable tips designed to create greater home comfort and improve performance. Download it now!

Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative has compiled a list of low-cost/no-cost energy saving measures to help you better manage your home's energy costs. Download the 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy Saving Measures booklet here!