There are many different types of electric heat that can be used on our service. These include baseboards, cove heat, wall units, unit heaters, boilers, and electric furnaces.

To Qualify for the Electric Heat Rate Program:

  • McLean Electric will only sub meter 240 Volt electrical heating circuits. The Cooperative will not control these circuits.
  • To qualify for the electric heat rate, the member will need to purchase a sub-meter socket and CT from McLean Electric. Installation of the sub meter is installed by MEC's electrician or your own electrician.  Please have your electrician stop by the office and pickup our equipment to install. The typical cost of those items is $100.00 plus tax.
  • All sub metered heat usage will qualify for the heating rate of 5.5¢ per kWh. There is a base charge of $3/month per sub meter.  
  • This is a non-controllable heat rate, which means McLean Electric will not turn off the electric heat at any time.
  • MEC  personnel will do all meter installations. Entire service panels are not allowed to be CT'd - only individual heat circuits.
  • The Electric Heat Rate of 5.5¢ is only available from October 1st through April 30th. During the non-heating months any electric heat usage will be billed through the main meter at the regular 11.24¢ rate.