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Water Heater Off-Peak Program

​​Electric Water heating is energy efficient, flameless and clean. Add our "Off-Peak" water heating option and save on your monthly bill with the following requirements:

1.  The Member must have a water heater that has a 94% or greater Energy Factor.

2.  The Member must have a water heater that is 80 gallons or larger.

3.  The Member agrees to have a Load Control Receiver (LCR) installed by MEC. It is the Member's responsibility to schedule the LCR with MEC's electrician.

4. The Member will receive a $7.00 bill credit every month if their main meter usage is at least 600 kWh.

5. The Member agrees to this program for a period of five (5) years. If the Member wishes to discontinue the program prior to five (5) years from the date signed up, they must reimburse MEC for all costs of the water heater rebate (prorated).



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